Center for Organic Materials for All Optical Switching

The Center for Organic Materials for All-Optical Switching (COMAS) is focused on research and development of new organic materials, theoretical methods, and optical devices to achieve unprecedented high performance in all-optical switched photonics and high-speed telecommunications. COMAS materials are designed on recent and very promising results for third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) chromophores that feature large third-order polarizability combined with low linear and nonlinear loss. The main goal of COMAS is to translate solution properties into films with high chromophore concentrations that retain large nonlinearities and have low loss for devices and systems useful in a variety of high-speed photonic switching applications. COMAS has assembled a highly talented and proven team of chemists, physicists, theoreticians, and device scientists to identify and solve key issues on the research path using a tight feedback loop between groups and institutions.

COMAS materials, methods, and devices are designed to enable the next generation of all-optical photonic switching systems for applications in national security, defense, and telecommunications.